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Relic Splatter

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Relic Splatter

Every horror game has its own atmosphere to create its atmosphere. However, that doesn’t mean that other horror games can’t borrow from the best. The best way to make your game stand out is to have a unique take on an existing concept. That’s exactly what the team at Relic did when designing Splatter and their newest offering Relic Splatter. It may not be the original name (the first incarnation was called “Bloody Harvest”), but the result is the same – a gory, retro-styled platformer in which you must avoid splattering blood while shooting down enemies with an arsenal of weapons. If you’re looking for something fresh and new, check out our review of Splatter, or give this one a try for yourself. You might just find your new favorite platformer

How to play Relic Splatter

Controls WASD / arrow keys = move Space = change weapon Enter = enter the door Left-click = shoot Move mouse = aim

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